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Paella curiosities 🥘

Where does the word 'Paella' come from?

Before knowing various secrets about this dish, we must know that several hypotheses indicate that it has its origin in the Valencian language, derived from the Latin "patella", which means pan.

We will often hear that the container with which we cook it is also called paella, commonly known as "paellera". Although it is also associated with pan, an Italian term to talk about the Italian pan with handles, which is similar to the paellera we were talking about.

Paella can be of various types:

Paella Valenciana is one of the icons of Spanish gastronomy, but it is not the only one within the large family of "paellas". Instead, the origin of this dish stands out for its humility, since it appeared in Valencia's Albufera for the first time and was cooked in a paellero.

Furthermore, it should be noted that it can be considered the pillar of the rest because from here comes the range of rice that has adapted to the tastes of the consumer. Take the seafood paella which combines the essence of this paella with the best fresh products from the sea.

On the other hand, there are people who prefer a more intense flavour, so they opt more for the Iberian paella, (I personally recommend this one) which combines Valencian rice with high quality meats. However, duck paella is always a good option for picky eaters, as it combines two central foods of Valencia's Albufera.

In this sense, there are also non-conformist consumers who prefer mixed paella, also known as 'sea and mountain rice' because it mixes vegetables and meat with fresh products from the Mediterranean Sea.

And many other types, as paella has transformed and adapted to the needs to please all people.

What can we accompany paella with???

This rich dish originating from the Mediterranean area and known throughout the world can be eaten together with a basic salad, with, for example, lettuce and tomato, or some traditional Spanish tapas such as patatas bravas, Puntilla or mussels. To be honest, any food goes well with a good paella.

Instead, the most and least important thing we do is reserve space in our stomachs for paella. Along these lines, we tend to eat the snack without thinking that the paella will then arrive and, for this reason, we often have difficulty finishing it.

We should think more before eating so much starter because, after all, the paella is the best part!

And don't forget the SOCARRAET, for us as Valencians it is a spectacle, ask for it when you go to eat paella... it should not be confused with "burnt rice", but it is important to know how to make this point, it is very difficult, hence for us it is something excellent.

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