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Chile Green Jalapeño Sliced ​​3kg

Chile Green Jalapeño Sliced ​​3kg

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Sliced ​​Chile Jalapeño Verde is a popular product. It's a great condiment to add to any dish to give it a tangy flavor. The product is made with fresh jalapeño peppers that are cut into thin, round pieces and pickled in vinegar and salt. This particular package of sliced ​​Jalapeño Verde Chile comes in a 3kg size, making it perfect for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

The jalapeño peppers used in this product are grown in fertile regions of Mexico and hand-harvested by expert farmers. The peppers are then transported to Italy where they are sliced ​​and pickled in a special brine to preserve their flavor and texture. The result is a product that has a vibrant green color, a crunchy texture and a spicy taste.

So, what are you waiting for? Add Chile Jalapeño Verde Sliced ​​3kg to your cart today and elevate your dishes to a whole new level of flavor!

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