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Vicente Gandía

Sandara Wine Mojito - Innovativa combinazione

Sandara Wine Mojito - Innovativa combinazione

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Not everything was invented and Sandara Wine Mojito is proof of that. A perfect combination of flavors and cultures, the best of our winemaking tradition combined with the joy and freshness of the Caribbean perfectly complemented by very fine and delicate bubbles. With a new natural production process through the maceration of wine with lime and peppermint.

Sandara Wine Mojito shows an attractive lime green color with lemon yellow highlights. The nose unfolds a variety of citrus and green apple aromas with refreshing touches of mint. In the mouth, its balance stands out between its sweetness, its exquisite acidity and an elegant fine bubble which enhances the citrus fruits and prepares the palate for a long final aftertaste of mint.

An ideal sparkling wine for cocktails, parties and meetings as a main glass or to accompany light and spicy hors d'oeuvres. A unique experience, ready to drink without adding ice or mint.
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