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Salmon Paté 130g - Creamy Delight for Salmon Lovers

Salmon Paté 130g - Creamy Delight for Salmon Lovers

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Product handcrafted from smoked salmon, to which various ingredients, seasonings and additives are added and which has been subjected to cutting conditions until it forms a fine and homogeneous paste which gives it a characteristic texture and consistency.

Our Salmon Paté 130g is a delicious creamy creation for salmon lovers. Carefully packaged, this pâté is perfect for spreading on croutons or using as an ingredient for gourmet dishes. Enjoy the rich, delicate flavor of salmon in every bite.


Smoked salmon 30%, sunflower oil, milk, water, potato starch, stabilizer: carrageenan (E-407), salt, paprika and dill extract.


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