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Vicente Gandía

El Miracle - Brut DO Cava Sparkling Wine

El Miracle - Brut DO Cava Sparkling Wine

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El Miracle is a Brut DO Cava sparkling wine that embodies the elegance and finesse of its denomination. Obtained from a combination of Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes, this sparkling wine is produced following the traditional "champenoise" method. After the first fermentation, the base wine is aged in the bottle for at least 12 months "in rhyme", at a constant temperature of around 15°C. During this period, a second fermentation takes place which gives the wine its lively effervescence and complexity.

  • Designation of origin: Cava
  • Type: Brut
  • Grape varieties: Macabeo, Chardonnay
  • Alcohol content: 11.5%

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